Why I Kidnapped my Boss

Why I kidnapped my Boss

Anna, is struggling through life as a single mother of two-year-old twins. She lost her job as a temporary waitress because she was angry and threw the noodles directly onto the freshly ironed shirt of a nagging guest. During an interview for a new job in a design company, the gentleman with the noodles, Max Lehmann, is sitting across from her. He doesn't recognize her and gives her the job - after she has protested that she has no children and that she is fully operational. But when she drives him to the airport a week later, she risks the truth. Max reacts promptly - and quits her. An angry Anna hits the brakes too hard, one smack and Max lies motionless in the passenger seat. memory loss. Anna takes him to her apartment first. Since the disoriented Max immediately complains about the chaos and the screaming children, she explains to him without further ado that this is his own apartment and his own children. And Max believes it.